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Ms. Joan Abruzzo
Ms. Vivienne M. Adair in honor of Juanita P. Moyer
Ms. Anna R. Adams
Ms. Deanne L. Adams in honor of Betty June Adams
Ms. Catherine A. Ahl
Ms. Cheryl C. Albrecht in honor of Viola A. Albrecht
Ms. Helen H. Alden
Ms. Regina Allen-Wilson
Mrs. Loretta I. Anderson in honor of Mildred L. Hodges
Ms. Karol B. Andrews
Ms. Mary Andris
Ms. Dina Angress in honor of Bertha Nystad Dasberg



Mrs. Jerry H. Bailey
Mrs. Joanne M. Baker
Ms. Carol Baker
Ms. Deborah Baker
Mrs. Joan Banner
Ms. Annie J. Barney
Ms. Rita M. Barredo
Ms. Donna Bartlett-May
Ms. Joan M. Beal
Ms. Bonnie J. Becker
Ms. Ruth L. Benedict
Ms. Joan H. Benson
Ms. Lavonne Berger
Ms. Judy Besco
Ms. Brenda Betts
Ms. Susan F. Binkert
Mrs. Maybelle Marie Bishop
Mrs. Louella Mae Black in honor of Louella Columbia Miller Foss
Dr. Sidney R. Bland
Ms. Jean D. Blomfield
Ms. Isabelle M. Bohman in honor of Virginia M. Badger
The Honorable Gaylyn N. Boone in honor of Helen H.W. Nicholl
Ms. Joanna Booser in honor of Edith M. Booser
Phyllis Furman Boris in honor of Anna Miller Furman
Dr. Jill E. Bormann
Ms. Justina Boyle
Ms. Jean W. Brainerd
Ms. Debra A. Brenegan
Ms. Catherine A. Brennan Vivian Brennan
Ms. Cynthia L. Brenner in honor of Virginia Johnson Brenner
Dr. Rosamond Brenner in honor of Kathleen Cornyn
Ms. Ann C. Brillant
Ms. Carla R. Britt in honor of Jill L. Blaise
Ms. Roberta Brockscmidt in honor of Sharon Gilligan
Ms. Lisa Bronson
Ms. Carol Ramsay Brown
Ms. Louise Browning
Ms. Judith L. Buchanan in honor of Marguerite Whittington
Ms. Barbara E. Bund
Ms. Trudy Bunge
Ms. Betty Ann Burch
Ms. Janet R. Burns
Ms. Phyllis E. Byers in honor of Hetland Thelma Stahl


Ms. Frances Candlin in honor of Wilma Candlin
Mrs. Lucy R. Cardenas in honor of Teresa Martinez Rodriguez
Ms. Joanne P. Carlin
Ms. Julia A. Carpenter
Carolyn Casper in honor of Jeanne Knox Casper
Mrs. Darlene K. Caswell
Mr. Lawrence H. Cate
Ms. Joyce M. Chalupsky in honor of Helen I.L. Hammarback
Ms. Margot Cheel
Ms. Carol L. Chur in honor of Ruth L. Jaeger
Ms. Susan Clarke-Mahoney
Ms. Sally Cochran in honor of Betty Gibson
Ms. Kathryn S. Cochrane
Ms. Rose Marie Coe in honor of Myrtle Eldora Pfeifer
Ms. Angeli Cohen
Ms. Carolyn Coker in honor of Ruth Wright
Nancy Cole in honor of Elinor Roberts Hartt
Ms. Susan L. Coleman
Ms. Marcie D. Colpas
Ms. Barbara A. Cook
Ms. Shelia Cooke-Kayser in honor of Gale Allen Cooke
Ms. Kay Cooper
Frances J. Cope, Ph.D.
Mrs. Carol E. Copeland
Ms. Carol A. Coppa
Ms. Kathryn M. Corcoran in honor of Laura M. Norton
Ms. Maria Cornelius
Lois Cox
Ms. Georgia Crampton
Ms. Mary Ann Cristiano in honor of Mary Louise Buttrum
Ms. Yvonne Curington in honor of Elzada Foster
Ms. Patricia A. Cuza in honor of N. Lorraine Beebe
Dr. Carol Klimick Cyganowski


Mrs. Claire Kitchin Dahl in honor of Rosie, the Riveter
Ms. Susan K. Daigle in honor of Dolly Daigle
Dr. Miriam S. Daly in honor of Dr. Bertha Tapman Shamer
Ms. Sheila David in honor of Dolores Suarez
Ms. Helen Tripp Davidson
Ms. Nancy Davis
Reverend Rosemary A. Davis in honor of Hillary Clinton
Ms. Stephanie E. Dawson
Ms. Ann G. Dawson
Ms. Lila Ann Dawson-Weber
Dena De Santiago-Young in honor of JoAnn Sanger
Dena De Santiago-Young
Ms. Anne de Vroome
Ms. Keri Dearborn in honor of Frances E. Willard
Pam Deas
Ms. Rosemary Delvalle in honor of Carmen Suarez
Ms. Rose Ann Demoro
Mrs. Donna M. Dennis
Ms. Jocelyn Dill
Ms. Mary D. Disseler
Ms. Patricia Doheny
Ms. Mary H. Donahue in honor of Josephine Donahue Greaves
Dr. Jane Donohue & Ms. Darica Ward
Susan & James Driscoll
Ms. Kathryn Eike Dudding
Mrs. Amanda J. Dudley
Velma M. Duell-McConnell in honor of Ella Baker Bradford
Mrs. Jane H. Duffy
Ms. Martha E. Duncan
Ms. Diane Frances Dyer



Ms. Evelyn Echevarria in honor of Luz M. Echevarria
Ms. Patricia L. Ehret in honor of Marian C. Jorgensen
Ms. Judith A. Ellingsworth
Mrs. Patricia Elliott in honor of Jean R. Fox
Ms. Sandy W. Emler
Ms. Elaine Emling in honor of Marjorie Morse Emling
Ms. Margaret B. Emmett
Ms. Rosalyn A. Engelman
Shelley M. Enger, Ph.D. in honor of Donna Dee McClelland
Mrs. Cindy English
Ms. Mary Enhorning
Ms. Wilhelmine Erickson
Ms. Dianne Erickson
Elizabeth Erickson in honor of Eleanor Olds Barnes
Ms. Elisabeth Ervin
Ms. Betsy Evans-Banks


Ms. Nancy E. Felker
Mrs. Thelma Fennoy
Mrs. Betty Hope Fetty
Marsha & Robert Fidoten
Ms. Lillene Fifield
Ms. Caryn Finkelstein
Ms. Judith A. Flohr in honor of Lonnie Leotus Morrison
Ms. Amelia Flood
Gloria M. Flynn
Ms. Charla R. Flynn in honor of Sylvia Colleen Compton
Ms. Doris A. Fodge
Diane Ford in honor of Marlene Dockery
Mrs. Sharon Fosnight
Ms. Maureen Frechette in honor of Kathleen Ryan Doherty
Laverne C. Frederick in honor of Deborah Child Sherman
Ms. Dianne Freeman in honor of Christine Caroline Neissle
Ms. Dianne Freeman in honor of Nancy Grant Gibbons
Ms. Barbara R. French
Ms. Diana De Frenza in honor of Mary Taylor Friedler
Joan Friedberg in honor of Lillian Brest
Joan Friedberg in honor of Lillian Adlow Friedberg
Ms. Sharon E. Friedler
Ms. Kathy Frost in honor of Pauline Wahl
Ms. Alexandra Frye in honor of Barbara Long


Barbara B. Gaffey in honor of Dorothy B. Braden
Lucille Gage
Ms. Kathy Galvin
Ms. Jenny Garden in honor of Della Nathan
Ms. Ann E. Garside
Ms. Mary E. Garvens
Ms. Margaret R. Genne in honor of Elizabeth Steel Genne
Ms. Cynthia Gernet
Ms. Harriet R. Gertner in honor of Countess Shirley De Lozier Jamail
Ms. Gayle J. Gibson
Ms. Margaret E. Giesler
Ms. Nancy Gilbert in honor of Geraldine Naidus
Ms. Kate A. Gill in honor of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Ms. Joan L. Goldfrank
Ms. Judith A. Goldstein
Ms. Kathleen G. Gonzalez in honor of Doris J. Mlader
Ms. Jeannie F. Goodwin
Mr. John Gorman
NaaNue Gowan
Ms. Karen L. Graf
Dorothy Wooldridge Gram
Dr. Catherine Grant
Ms. Pat Grayson
Lisa A. Greenwald
Mrs. Frances Pitchford Griggs
Ms. Jeanette A. Griver
Ms. Sherrin Grout
Ms. Evelyn Carol Nelson Guentzel
Ms. Barbara B. Guffey
Ms. Julie Guth in honor of A. Louise Selieki
Sara B Gyer



Ms. Donna Haghighat in honor of Alice Paul
Ms. Kay Lynn Hahn in honor of Dorotha Graham Caldwell
Ms. Alison Hale in honor of Albert C. Boothby, Sr.
Ms. Beverly J. Hall in honor of Phebe Sutherland Fuller
Ms. Barbara Hall in honor of Sylvia Vannicola
Ms. Bonnie Hamlin
Ms. Carol Lindley Hampton
Ms. Kathy Hansen
Dr. Lynn Hanson in honor of Veronica Muzic
Ms. Catherine Hanson
Sandra Harper in honor of Carmen Crespo Stecher
Ms. Gloria S. Harris
Ms. Mary Harvey in honor of Mary Rozsas
Ms. Joan Hawksford-Juliano in honor of Molly Hawksford
Mr. Richard E. Hayes
Ms. Nancy E. Hayes
Ms. Virginia M. Haywood
Ms. Judith A. Head in honor of Jo Benton Flanagan Head
Mrs. Carol A. Healy in honor of Gloria Rose Carilli
Ms. Deborah Heisler
Ms. Sally L. Hellwig
Dr. Maureen Calista Hendricks
Ms. Sarah Henkle
Ms. Diane Henry
Frances McCreight Henry
Mrs. Joyce Brown Henton
Ms. Amy Morris Hess in honor of CWK
Ms. Mary Frances Hess
Ms. Lisa Hewitt in honor of Lisa Hewitt
Kyle Higgins
Ms. Judy Highfill in honor of Erma Mayer Berger
Ms. Nancy Hill in honor of Zoey Hill Ford
Ms. Peggy T. Hill in honor of Peg Diehl Sweeney
Ms. Liesl K. Himmelberger
Ms. Faye Hinze
Ms. Charity B. Hirsch
Ms. Nancy C. Hobart
Ms. Joan E. Hoffmaster in honor of Gloria Cohen
Dr. Margaret P. Hogan
Ms. Marguerite E. Holderle
Ms. Barbara Holdridge
Ms. Venetia Holland
Ms. Joan Hollander in honor of Evelyn Lillian Hollander
Ms. Sally M. Hollemon
Ms. Jennifer Holloway
Ms. Mary Lynn Holloway in honor of Victoria K. Holloway
Ms. Nat F. Holtzman in honor of Randy Holtzman
Ms. Laurie Hosie in honor of Jean S. Hosie
Mr. Larry D. Hothem
Ms. Kay Humphreys in honor of Doris Baurer
Ms. Nancy Irene Huppertz
Ms. Cynthia F. Hurst in honor of Malva Elizabeth Arelvalo
Ms. Cynthia F. Hurst in honor of Marty Hurst


Dr. Mary R. Ingram in honor of Lawrence Small
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Irwin
Mrs. Helene Isherwood
Ms. Sylvia Wiese Iskander in honor of Mary Elizabeth Cavin Wiese
Mrs. Virginia E. Ivy


Ms. Jill Jackson in honor of Elsie Campbell Jackson
Dr. Barbara Garvey Jackson
Ms. Ruth S. Jacobs in honor of Iris Meyer Sawyer
Ms. Mary E. Jefferson
Ms. Barbara Jennrich
Ms. Annette Jensen
Nicki L. Johnson
Ms. Margaret R. Johnston in honor of Elisabeth Freeman
Dr. Janis C. Johnston
Mrs. Katharine Cox Jones in honor of Alice Beeman Jones
Dr. Joan G. Jones in honor of Dr. Beverly Joan Gregorius
Ms. Kathy E. Jones
Lora Lynn Jones in honor of Lilo van Duyn Jones
Ms. Donna Jurdy



Ms. Ann M. Kalman
Dr. Jean C. Karlen
Minera Katz
Ms. Peggy A. Kearney-Soranno
Mrs. Sheila N. Keator
Ms. Mona M. Keech
Ms. Carol A. Kehoe-Breitenbach
Ms. Susan Ramsey Keith
Ms. Elaine Keltner in honor of Maria Macaluso
Ms. Carolyn Kenyon in honor of Lois Snyder
Ms. Carolyn Kenyon in honor of Janice C. Kenyon
Ms. Shirley E. Kiefer in honor of Josephine Sale
S.J. King in honor of Marilyn Lawrence
Ms. Maureen Kinney
Dr. Jacqueline L. Kinsman in honor of Dr. Zerita J. Hagerman
Karlene Kischer-Browne in honor of Nora Etta Stout Parker
Reverend Genie H. Kistler in honor of Marie Davis Hackenjas
Kathryn A Kitchen in honor of Susan B. Anthony
Kathryn A Kitchen in honor of Roberta A. Putnam
Ms. Joan B. Klossner
Ms. Vicky A. Knickerbocker
Ms. Toni Ko
Ms. Janet L. Koch
Ms. Cleo Kocol
Roberta A.S. Kohut in honor of Ida Mae Swaney
Ms. Betty Ann Korbus
Jeanette Kors
Ms. Pamela Krahl
Ms. Diana Kraus
Ms. Jacqueline Krch
Mrs. Willy V. Kremer
Ms. Susan L. Krug-Gourley in honor of Mabel Mitterling Reichley
Ms. Colleen Cleary Kunkel


Mrs. Lorna L. La Force in honor of Lorna Whisman Barth La Force
Mrs. Lynn E. Lahd in honor of Barbara Dilley
Ms. Martha C. Lamb
Ms. Nancy Lane in honor of Virginia Lane
Mrs. Kathleen H. Langan in honor of Leta Hopkins Guinn
Kathleen H. Langan
Ms. Connie Larimer
Ms. Bonnie J. Lawrence
Ms. Lynne E. Lehman
Ms. Doris T. Lehnert
Ms. Sharon E. Lewis
Toby Lieberman in honor of Ann M. Hutchinson
Toby Lieberman in honor of Susan B. Anthony
Ms. Kay Guinn Life
Ms. Laura L. Lind
Ms. Janice Lindsay-Milos in honor of Covered Wagon Women Who Came West!
Ms. Trudy Lionel
Ms. Carol Schulman Lipman Redding in honor of Ruth Kronman Goldberg
Ms. Barbara Lobron in honor of Selma Gots
Ms. Patricia D. Lock
Ms. Kay D. Lockridge in honor of Roslyn K. Pulitzer
Ms. Sarah Lofgren in honor of Gail M. Lofgren
Ms. Elizabeth Loll
Ms. Kathy Lorenzen in honor of Margaret Kish
Mary Louis in honor of Mary Ella Louis
Ms. Janice L. Lower
Ms. Mary Lubertozzi in honor of Shawn McLaughlin
Sheila A. Lukehart
Ms. Britt Lundgren
Edith Lycke in honor of Edith Stover McFee



Ms. Janet S. MacCullough
Ms. Muriel Mackett, Ph.D. in honor of Charles Mackett
Ms. Bridget MacMillan
Ms. Barbara Maddex in honor of Angelyn Cleaves Greenwood
Ms. Ann Kynast Maddox
Ms. Janet Marie Maddy in honor of Betty Jean Maddy Conn
Ms. Alisa Learner Maher
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Maisano
Ms. Barbara E. Malcolm
Dr. Kathleen Mammel Jin honor of udy Arlene Butala Mammel
Mrs. Joanne Marian
Ms. Margaret Mariotti in honor of Mary Bradley Fitt McCarthy
Ms. Margaret Mariotti in honor of Assunta Iannotti
Ms. Claire Martineau
Ms. Madeline H. Mason
Ms. Karen Massey
Madeline Matson
Ms. Jean V. Matthews
Ms. Lynn Mayo
Ms. Amy McCarthy
Ms. Linda McCauley in honor of Marjory Hughes Johnson
Ms. Ellen V. McCauley
In honor of Marlene Thal
Ms. Mary Jane McDonald
Mrs. Patricia A. McFall
Ms. Rosalind McGrath
Ms. Janet Wood McGregor
Phyllis McGuire in honor of Irene Grant
Ms. Maureen C. McHugh
Ms. Shawn McLaughlin
Ms. Susan J. McLean
Owen McMahon, Jr.
Ms. Johanna Y. Meara
Ms. Jane Melia
Mrs. Joan C. Menagh in honor of Wilma Candlin
Mrs. Paula D. Merritt
Mr. John Mesch
Ms. Marney Mesch
Mrs. Ruby K. Methven in honor of Klare L. Kephart
Dr. Paulette A. Meyer in honor of Alma Cooper
Ms. Claire C. Millar in honor of Jim Millar
Ms. Miranda Torykian Miller
Ms. Concetta Miller
Ena E. Mocega, M.D. in honor of Ruth Kors
Ena E. Mocega, M.D. in honor of Elena Gonzalez
Ena E. Mocega, M.D. in honor of Dr. Esther Mocega
Ms. Linda A. Guinn Montgomery
Ms. Barbara D. Moore in honor of Lillie M. Ponce
Ms. Frances C. Moore
Ms. Linda C. Moore
Mrs. Karen Board Moran in honor of Grace A. Myers
Mrs. Karen Board Moran in honor of Virginia Larsen Board
Ms. Patricia J. Moran
Ms. Patricia Morgan
Ms. Elizabeth Morse
Nancy Mortensen in honor of Christina Mortenson
Ms. Pam Mortensen in honor of Billie & Irving Levine
Ms. Pam Mortensen in honor of Patricia Mortensen
Diane Morton in honor of Jany Lou Bradley
Ms. Marie P. Munkacsy
Ms. Dodie Murphy
Ms. Mary Jo Murphy in honor of Florence Botticelli Murphy
Dr. Laurence J. Murphy in honor of Candace M. Anderson
Mrs. Elaine K. Myers in honor of Dr. Margaret Cagney
Ms. Alice J. Myers
Harriette Gould Myerson



Sharon Nachimson
Ms. Vreni Naess
Mrs. Barbara L. Neckers in honor of Arlene L. Miller
Dr. Maria H. Neff
Ms. Laurel M. Nett
Ms. Anne Newman
Mr. William K. Nisbet
Ms. Carla Nolan in honor of Inez Ohm Hanson
Ms. Beverly Nolan in honor of Ruth Nolan
Mrs. Jane Kay Nugent
Ms. K. Sue Null in honor of Beth Baxter


Ms. Irene R. Obera
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Odom
Ms. Gail Olsen in honor of Margaret Clancy
Ms. Sharon K. Orff in honor of Ramona Jean Amundson
Ms. Donna Jean Osborne
Mrs. Adeline M. Ostrowski



Carol Parker, Ed.D.
Ms. Laura Grace Parrish
Barbara Parsons in honor of Emma Parsons
Ms. Mara Payne
Ms. Sara G. Peckham
Dr. Catherine Jensen Pena in honor of Mary Jensen
Dr. Catherine Jensen Pena in honor of Lillian Jensen
Ms. Amy J. Percy
Ms. Joann Peters in honor of Federal Judge Sarah T. Hughes
Mrs. Jo Anne Peterson in honor of David W. Peterson
Ms. Debra Peterson
Dr. Alma Brown Petteway
Ms. Ann Piato
Ms. Trudi Hahn Pickett in honor of Virginia Taylor
Ms. Anne R. Picone
Ms. Jayne S. Peister
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Ms. Ann Marie Pinto
Ms. Nancy Pluto
Ms. Vivian Podesta
Mrs. Constance Pohs
Ms. Patricia E. Pollak
Carol R. Poynor
Ms. Heather Lynn Reynolds Pressman in honor of Janet Reynolds
Ms. Dee M. Price in honor of Dan Price
Ms. Judith E. Prince
Ms. Jeanne S. Provencher
Ms. Joy Christi Przestwor
Christine Pucciarelli



Dr. Susan Maffey Rakfal in honor of Lucia Bassi Polli
Dr. Susan Maffey Rakfal in honor of Marina Brunelli Maffey
Ms. Carol Ann Ramer
Ms. Karen Ramsey
Ms. Frances A. Randall
Ms. Mary L. Ransom in honor of Doris Baurer
Ms. Mary L. Rapczynski in honor of Marion Ciden
Ms. Margaret C. Rawlins
Ms. Elizabeth S. Ray
Ms. Ella Ray
Ms. Penelope B. Reder in honor of Ruth Habel Burkey
Dr. Charlotte Reed
Ms. Elaine Reeves in honor of Edna H. Schoch
Dorothy M. Rehill
Ms. Frances C. Reich
Ms. Melanie Reingardt in honor of Gladys Densmore Roe
Ms. Mary L. Renner
Dr. Sharon Renshaw in honor of Edith Elizabeth Ostby
Ms. Sondra B. Resnikoff in honor of Eva Zorn
Ms. Janese M. Reyes
Ms. Frances M. Reynolds in honor of Barbara R. Engel
Ms. Frances M. Reynolds in honor of Margaret Leahy
Ms. Frances M. Reynolds in honor of Ann Madden
Ms. Susan M. Richter
Ms. Claudia Ringswald in honor of James & Dorothy Ringswald
Ms. Cathy M. Ritacco in honor of Betty Canick
Ms. Cathy M. Ritacco in honor of Mary Shearer Ryder
Ms. LeaAnn Robertson in honor of Venus Victoria Payne
Ms. Dianne Rochford in honor of Belen Rodriques Carter
Ms. Sandra Rodgers
Ms. Vicki M. Rodgers
Dr. Judy Rollins in honor of Irwin Jay Schauer
Ms. Mary Jo Rozumalski in honor of Mildred M. Rozumalski
Ms. Susan Rubin
Mrs. Nancy Studer Rucker in honor of Esther Holliger Studer
Sue A. Russell, Ph.D. in honor of Ina Green, Ph.D.
Ms. Nellie Jane Ryder



Ms. Helen H. Savage
Mrs. Mary Lou Sayler in honor of Edith Hicks Hardey Selke
Ms. Patrice Sayre in honor of Patricia Scott Faulkner
Ms. Pam B. Schafler
Ms. Catharine Guberman Schauer
Ms. Irene Scheibner & Ms. Joan E. Twiggs
Ms. Kathleen Schinski in honor of Jean Becket
Ms. Deborah Schmidt in honor of Eleanor Bock
Ms. Janet Planz Schneider in honor of Florence Crow Hebel
Ms. Janet Planz Schneider in honor of Elizabeth Reiff Planz
Mrs. Julia O. Schravesande
Ms. Cheryl M. Schulze in honor of Alice Holland
Jeanette Scotland in honor of Dr. Dorothy Scanlon
Barbara E. Selke-Kern, Ph.D. & Homer D. Kern, Ph.D.
Ms. Rhoda Selvin
Ms. Judith Senteney
Ms. Sandra L. Shaner
Alice L. Shaner, M.D. in honor of Julia Knight Edwards
Ms. Miriam Shapiro in honor of Ree L. Barrack
Ms. Miriam Shapiro in honor of Bella Rivkin Barofsky
Ms. Jeannette Mance Sharpe in honor of Grace Smith Noyes
Ms. Jeannette Mance Sharpe in honor of Cecilia Mange
Ms. Markita Haraden Shaw
Ms. Elizabeth Shaw
Ms. Carol A. Sheehan in honor of Mary E. Sheehan
Ms. Barbara Sheen in honor of Dora Werner
Mrs. Kathryn L. Sheldon in honor of Mamie Barnard Dunn
Ms. Dawne Shelton
Ms. Lydia Shvydky
Ms. Randice Simon
Sidney H. Simon in honor of Naomi Sparrow Simon
Ms. Andrea D. Sinclair
Ms. Paula N. Singer
Ms. Olivia K. Singh
Ms. Karen Skoler in honor of Saul Wolf
Ms. Phyllis Sleigh
Ms. Serena Smith
Dr. Susan Smith in honor of Marion Woodman
Dr. Carol Smith in honor of Barbara J.C. Smith Arwood
Ms. Wendy M. Smith-Jobski in honor of Alice Berens
Lisa Sclafani Sorrento, M.D. in honor of Grace Repaci Giunta
Ms. Connie F. Springer
Ms. Ellen Stack in honor of Anne Matthews
Ms. Catherine Stadelman in honor of Abby L. Schiffer
Mrs. Lois Stanton
Ms. Susanne Stewart in honor of Edna G. Stewart
Ms. Phyllis Stock-Morton
Ms. Peggy L. Stokes
Ms. Margaret T. Stopp
Ms. Carol Harmon Stradley in honor of Lois Louise Harmon
Ms. Alice M. Strange
Ms. Mariann Stratton in honor of Beatrice A. R. Stratton
Ms. Jeanne Strickland
Ms. Cathy Subatch in honor of Debra Prince
Ms. Joan M. Sulewski in honor of Katherine Balus Sulewski
Ms. Carol Super
Ms. Beulah T. Sutherland
Anita Swansen in honor of Dorothy Day
Ms. Jane M. Swanson
Ms. Sharon Swanson


Ms. Lori S. Taber in honor of Sophie Anna Taber
Mrs. Frances P. Taft
Ms. Christina Tama-Sweet
Ms. Teresa M. Taylor
Ms. Julie Taymor
Ms. Marlene M. Teal
Ms. Dee V. Thibodeau
Ms. Bernadette Thibodeau in honor of Virginia Durbin Thibodeau
Mrs. William E. Thibodeaux
Ms. Linda Titus
The Honorable Nancy J. Todd in honor of Dorothy Knox
Ms. Diane Tom
Ms. Janice I. Tracy
Mrs. Doris H. Triola
Mrs. Edward J. Trojnar
Ms. Nancy M. Tuhey D.C.
Ms. Mary L. Turner



Ms. Karen Ubelhart


Ms. Ann Van Slyck
Ms. Virginia K. Van Steenberg
Ms. Carmen L. Vance
Ms. Diane Vella in honor of Betty Ann Brand-White
Ms. Carol A. Vericker in honor of Carmen Negron
Barbara Viera in honor of Barbara Wordell
Ms. Alice Vollmar
Ms. Rachel Vorspan


Mrs. Edith S. Wacksman in honor of Louise Sause
Mrs. Edith S. Wacksman in honor of Jayne Shrum
Ms. Joan Wages
Ms. Pauline Wahl in honor of Louise E. Williams
Mrs. Mary Waite in honor of Vera Booth
Ms. Dorothy Waleski
Ms. Linda Rukavina Walt
Ms. Willa P. Warr
Ms. Carol B. Warren
Ms. Jane Weinstein
Mrs. Barbara A. Wenrick
Ms. Jean M. West
Ms. Sarah M. Whitney
Dorothy Baldwin Wicker, Ph.D.
Marion Wiercinski in honor of James Bell Tulloch
Ms. Mary Nelson Wilburn in honor of Phoebe Novothy Nelson
Ms. Wendy Wilkins-Russell
Ms. Alicia R. Williams
Ms. Janet H. Williamson
Mr. Rance Rothwell Willis
Joyce Wilson
Dr. Gayle Windham in honor of Edlie Windham
Adrien Wing in honor of Katherine Wing
Ms. Elizabeth Fulbright Winnacker in honor of Mrs. Anna Fulbright Teasdale
Ms. Joan Withycombe
Ms. Carol L. Wittig in honor of Lorrene Hazel Abbott
Ms. Connie Wittig in honor of Dorothy Day
Phyllis Wolfson in honor of Phyllis Terri Ivers
Mrs. Joyce Wood in honor of Deborah Child Sherman
Ms. Katharyn Woodbridge in honor of Roberta A. Putnam
Ms. Rebecca Woods in honor of Susan B. Anthony
Joan Wrzala in honor of All women who continue to guide us to equality



Tanuja Yalamanchili in honor of Claudia McCormick
Ms. Keiko L. Yanagihara
Ms. Phyllis Yarnold in honor of Norma Tosk
Ms. Phyllis Yarnold in honor of Ruth Yarnold
Sharon Evans Yenter in honor of Tina Beth Johnson
Ms. Joan Young in honor of Dr. Michael J. Langan
Ms. Joan Young in honor of Elizabeth Godfried
Ms. Linda Y. Young


Ms. Joanna Schneider Zangrando in honor of Marlene Thai
Connie Zimmerman
Dr. Martha Andes Ziskind